Uncharted Realms Update

The Mythic SMP gets its biggest update in history, with custom world generation, even more custom items, and much more! It’s been a long journey, but we have learned a lot, and this server and community has come a long way.

Mythic SMP

🏔️ Custom World Generation
The Mythic SMP gets brand new biomes and structures to create one of the most stunning Minecraft worlds you’ll ever see.

⚔️ Ancient Gear
Ancient gear is now the best in the game, more powerful than Mythic items! Craft it with Ancient Relics, which are found in structures.

🏛️ Brand New Spawn Map
When you join the SMP, you’ll find a magnificent new spawn map that’s easier to navigate, and features a brand new parkour course!


🎨 Armour Texture Update
Armour now indicates its tier by colour, and default armour textures actually work!


🔖 Custom Rank Tags
Rank tags are no longer text, but a custom-textured tag!

📚 Brand New Wiki
We moved to GitBook! It’s now completely up to date, and easier to navigate.

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