About Us

What We Do

Our Core Values

The GameHawk network is fuelled by the Three Cs: Community, Compassion, and Creativity.


Our goal is to be more than a Minecraft, more than a YouTube channel, to be a community. The kind of community in which you’d borrow your lawn mower to a neighbour, or invite your friend over for hot chocolate and some basic PvP training. We don’t simply want to be a place to talk, but a launchpad for friendships, connections, and fun.


Compassion is not a quality often found in the gaming community. But that can change. Instead of inflicting suffering on others through racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech, etc, we can have compassion, offering our hand to people instead of hitting them with it. Rather than bringing one person down, lift the whole community up—together.


Our server reaches for the skies to be different, custom, and creative. Mindless shooters, grindy box mining, and repetitive mini-games, are not our style. When thinking about the Mythic SMP, we push to be unique, with fun twists and custom aspects. When designing CrimeBlock, we decided to mash together three different generic games. While we were making Battleground, we pushed to have everything fit the sci-fi theme, including almost zero vanilla Minecraft items.

Our Goals


We prefer the term “Feel-Good” over “Non-Toxic”. It’s not the absence of hate that we want, it’s the presence of positivity and community. Our goal is to host an all-are-welcome space for everyone and anyone to chat, laugh, interact, and have fun.


Have you heard of box mining servers? Well, it’s not hard to explain them. You mine, and… yeah, that’s it. Our goal as a Minecraft network is to have interactive, engaging, and intuitive games that are fun for all.