What is the server address?
A: play.GameHawk.ca

How do I join the server?
A: Navigate to the main Minecraft menu; click Multiplayer; click Add Server; in the Server Address slot type play.GameHawk.ca; Click done; double-click the new server in your server list.



Q: Are the GameHawk staff positions paid?
A: No, currently all GameHawk staff are volunteers. We are forever grateful to their dedication and support, and hope to be able to pay our staff in the future.

Q: How long until I get a reply?
A: Usually applicants will hear back within a week or two. If you are not accepted, we will still notify you.

Q: Where do I get notified if I am accepted?
A: Discord. You will be directly messaged by GameHawk#2025 to the Discord account you entered in the application, letting you know if you were accepted or declined.

Q: Why was I declined?
A: There are any number of reasons that you may have been declined. We might not think that you would work well with our other staff. Or, maybe we were simply not in need of more staff at the time. You may submit another application after 14 days, but it is unlikely that you will be accepted so soon after being declined.

Q: What are Canadian and Cam looking for in applicants?
A: We look for people with passion, dedication, experience, patience, knowledge, good grammar, and numerous other values and skills that would have a positive impact on our community.