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A diverse family of gamers in a futuristic Minecraft room

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Minecraft Community

GameHawk is more than a Minecraft server. It’s a community. We offer a positive, inclusive, and easygoing community of gamers, game makers, artists, graphic designers, programmers, and everyone in between.

Our History

May 2021

Work Begins

The C&C Discord server is created. Development has begun.

January 2022

Final Life Season 0

The beta series of an event known as Final Life takes place.

April 2022


The C&C SMP Grand Opening goes live.

May 2022

3 New Games

The Mythic SMP, Kit PvP, and Spleef open, and the server is online 24/7.

January, 2023

Rebrand to GameHawk

The Canadian & Cam network rebrands to GameHawk in the “GameHawk Update”.

May 2023

Phase 2

The Phase 2 update adds CrimeBlock, our store, this site, a design service, and more.